Featured Programs

  • Science of Cycling

  • The Science of Cycling is demonstrated using a interactive gyroscope fashioned from a bicycle wheel and axle. SOS facilitators will engage the students to showcase the principles of Gyroscopic Precession and Angular Momentum, which ensures the stability of a moving bicycle. Beyond cycling, gyroscopic technology is used in navigational systems on airplanes and spacecraft.

  • Energy Transforms

  • The Energy Transforms program showcases the need for energy in our daily lives and the different sources that are available. The interactive activities demonstrate how energy is transformed from one form to another specifically, how rotational kinetic energy is transformed into our most versatile energy source, electricity. Both fossil fuels and renewable sources are explored.

  • STEMulating Careers

  • STEMulating Careers is a presentation of the amazing breadth of careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, from farming to rocket science. Interactive activities are used to engage the audience and showcase the milestones, challenges and celebrations of the STEM journey.

  • LEGO Robotics Camp

  • The LEGO Robotics Camp is a multi-session classroom event that uses LEGO Mindstorms Robotics kits and NASA-trained, SOS facilitators to guide participants to build and program their own autonomous robots. The event culminates with a robotics challenge on a obstacle course. In addition to simple robotics and programming, principles of mechanics, gearing, lever arms, teamwork, engineering and philosophy 101 are utilized.

  • Electricity Excites

  • The Electricity Excites program showcases the science and technology of electricity. Interactive demonstrations are used to engage the audience in “how electricity is generated, transmitted and utilized”, right down to the atomic level. A Van der Graff generator reinforces the principles of electrical conduction, voltage and amperage.

  • Custom Programs
  • SOS can develop & implement hands-on activities and other educational programs to inspire and motivate K-12 students
  • SOS can develop & implement programs that align with your STEM initiatives
  • SOS can provide equipment and personnel to execute outreach services including exhibit development, exhibit transportation,  on-site execution and facilitator training

  • Exhibit Development
  • SOS can design, develop and build high-quality, interactive exhibits to engage K-12 students in the STEM industry.
  • The hands-on exhibits built by SOS range from tabletop-style, science fair exhibits to large, commercial exhibits featured in  museums
  • SOS exhibits are built with the world-class resources of the Houston Museum of Natural Science

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