Others Say

Sandra Mourton, Exec. Director, Offshore Energy Center and Louisiana's first lady Supriya Jindal

“Michael has amazing talent to link up with the students and keep them engaged. He also does an excellent job with volunteers during the Trailblazer visits. Prior to Michael assuming his current role, a good year for the Trailblazer was to have 4500 students view the Trailblazer. We have seen an incredible increase in students served, from 5659 in 2007/08, and nearly 11,000 in 2008/09.”
Emanuel Guidry, ConocoPhillips

“Thank you for empowering the parent volunteers to enable them to share at their point of understanding as well.”
Susan N. Roup, Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District

“One big reason for the success is Michael Nevels' enthusiasm, a big factor in bringing those exhibits to life. He trains the volunteers, and then, as we did in Presidio, he helps to coach them to "tweak" their delivery when working with students.”
M. Cervantes, Development Supervisor – Anadarko

“Our students AND staff had a blast!!! You should have seen the excitement on their faces! I even learned quite a few things from Mr. Nevels. He was a joy to work with! I had a fantastic time.”
April Pleasant, Blue Ridge Elementary

“We all had a wonderful time. The students spent the day talking about all what they experienced and how much they enjoyed it.”
Kurllenne Martin, 5th Grade Math/Science/Health Teacher - Ridgemont Elementary, FBISD

“Mr. Nevels, I admire your passion and patience in teaching our kids, I saw your great energy and dedication to make each of them learn, interact, get engaged and most of all you put smile on their faces, made them laugh and they had fun. I have received emails from teachers and parents how the students enjoyed the exhibit very very much!”
Shella Condino

“You are my hero. Your interactions with the kids is pure magic. You have a gift and it is being invested in our children.”
Ric, API

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